Snacks menu


Buns with vanilla shrimp 100 g59 CZK
Frankfurt soup 330 ml / 175 ml35 CZK / 25 CZK
Bean soup 330 ml / 175 ml35 CZK / 25 CZK
Chicken broth 330 ml / 175 ml38 CZK/ 25 CZK
Turkey breast with Coleslaw salad 150 g119 CZK
Baked slippers with pickled cucumber 300 g99 CZK
Pork goulash with bread dumplings 150 g109 CZK
Meatballs with Tomato Sauce 150 g / 100 g99 CZK / 79 CZK
Chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes 200 g / 100 g125 CZK / 79 CZK
Carrot salad 350 g / 150 g65 CZK / 45 CZK
Cucumber salad 350 g / 150 g65 CZK / 45 CZK
Tomato salad 350 g / 150 g75 CZK/ 55 CZK



Pancake with jam

59 CZK
Pancake with nuttel59 CZK
Pancake with spinach and chedar cheese79 CZK
Baked panini with ham and cheese, salad79 CZK
Baked panini with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil pesto79 CZK
Stuffed tortilla with chicken gyros, cheese and vegetables125 CZK



Hot dog

29 CZK
Honey cake45 CZK
Vegetable cup35 CZK
Fruit cup45 CZK
Donut29 CZK
Sausage with pastry49 CZK



Grilled Camembert with cranberries and salad

85 CZK
Corn cob with butter55 CZK
Baked potato in foil, tzaziky dresing55 CZK
Viennese sausages49 CZK
Marinated pork steak with thyme potatoes155 CZK
Chicken steak with herbs and thyme potatoes150 CZK

Davel ham sausage

65 CZK
Davel pepper sausage65 CZK
Vegetable salad with grilled chicken140 CZK
Greek salad with pickled feta cheese and olives130 CZK
Baked meatballs with cheese and potatoes125 CZK
Gnocchi with smoked meat, cabbage and onion115 CZK
Chicken gyros with roasted potatoes and tzaziky145 CZK



Davelske roast sausages 1 pc

29 CZK
Ugo Ice Cream39 CZK
Draft fruit ice cider45 CZK
Kofola 0,5 l29 CZK
Raspberry limo 0,5 l29 CZK



Fresh smoked toast with horseradish and bread 150 g

89 CZK
Grilled trout fillet with red lentils salad 150 g159 CZK
Grilled Camembert on iceberg lettuce with cranberries85 CZK
Baked ham / paprika sausage69 CZK