News at Farmpark

We have prepared a lot of innovations in Farmpark Soběhrdy.
We hope you enjoy them during your visit!

Farm Jeeps

Of course, we have not forgotten the fun for children and their parents, and therefore, from June 1, you will have fun at the Expedition Farm Jeep, for which we created a separate track at the top of the area. You will go through it and you will be free to walk among the animals like on Safari! Safari Jeeps are designed for adult and child and don’t worry, driving license is not a requirement. 🙂 The attraction works on tokens that you purchase from slot machines located on the Farmpark!

Bumper boats

The second and highly anticipated novelty of this season are bumper boats on the pond! You don’t know what to imagine? So what if we tell you it is such an autodrome on the water! It will be fun you will never forget. For safety reasons, the attraction is also intended for adults and children! At the pond is built a beautiful floating pier, shaded by mature trees and on hot sunny days it is a great haven! You can sit here and just relax!

Pier at the pond

Along with the construction of a new attraction at the bottom of the grounds by the pond, a new wooden jetty on the pond was built! And from now on you will get off and on with a dry foot!

New animals

Another novelty is the animals you meet at Farmpark! This year’s addition to the animal farm family is a camel male, which is only a few months! At the top of the grounds you can see a bird that is very similar to an ostrich, but it is not an ostrich! It is Nandu Pampa who lives mainly in South America!

Outdoor terrace of dining room

Further expansion of catering capacities in 2019 was realized in the upper part of the premises by the dining room, where we cook ready meals! There was a wonderful outdoor terrace, which increased the seating capacity of our visitors, who came to enjoy a great schnitzel with mashed potatoes, or crabs who grind their teeth on cakes with shrimp!

Grilling boot

In Farmpark we have expanded the possibility of eating newly built grill BOOT, where you sit comfortably at the pond in the shade of trees and choose what you want! Do you like fish or grilled steak? Nothing is a problem! Grill boot can be found at the bottom of the area. They are strategically located at the playgrounds so that children can have fun on the attractions and playgrounds while preparing meals!

Farmáček magazine

And in order to learn more about our animals and leave the house a little smarter, we have prepared the magazine Farmáček for this season. It also includes a description of all the animals in the Farmpark and attractions. We did not forget about cunning and classy reading, creative work, and especially in the magazine you will also find a free children’s ticket for the next visit and view from Farmpark. By purchasing the magazine you will also get your own map of the Farmpark area!


Levandul trail

Not only the construction of attractions, but the improvement of nature and our area we enjoy! We are preparing a new vineyard for you at Farmpark, and since the road is a little uphill, we have planted beautiful lavender along the road that lines the entire path to the finish! You’ll love it!

Water cascade

In the winter we also had work on the construction of a water cascade and related lakes in the lower part of the area next to the tubing track! We have planted many plants and now we are just looking forward to what Mother Nature will conjure up!

Reception and info stand

And who would like to take a souvenir from the Farmpark Soběhrdy, we are building a stand for you at the main cash desks INFO, where you can buy souvenirs, which will remind you to visit the Farmpark at home! For this year are ready t‑shirts, toys, cups with motives and animals from the farm, as well as a magnet, sticker or tourist stamp!

Virtual reality

Virtual reality and the world around us blend more and more. Because we are preparing to open a new entertainment center KVANTARIO in Benešov. But now you can play Farmpark Soběhrdy on a laser harp, or try a real space simulator of virtual reality! It is a really small tasting of what awaits you very soon on 4 floors, which will be filled with fun as well as educational things!

Goblin gratis

At every of the eight partner places, including our Farmpark Soběhrdy, the Grátiska leprechaun awaits you and has a surprise for you! When you buy an adult and child ticket at any of these places, you will receive a Grátisky card at the cash register. When you visit another place involved in the project, you will get one free ticket for one adult and one child ticket.