Restaurants and snacks

There are refreshment stations all over the Farmpark and everyone will find their own! Sweet lovers will certainly appreciate the Pancake factory at the top of the premises. They will prepare sweet and savory pancakes or coffee with ice cream! Carnivores will be pleased at the bottom of the grounds, where they can roast on the fire or visit the Farm Grill. We grill and bake fresh meat and vegetables in a farm oven daily and they are real goodies! For families with children who prefer classic dishes, there is a dining room in the upper part of the complex, where traditional Czech dishes are prepared daily! A novelty there is a grilling boot by the pond at the bottom of the area! Every day we prepare great grilled and smoked fish, legume salads and lots of other great dishes for you!

For veterinary reasons it is not allowed to bring your own food, glass and  packaging into the Farmpark. The only exception is the baby food, which we will be happy to warm up on request.